Converting XML properties to tags, and back again

If you do any amount of layout or styling on Android, you'll quickly find yourself copying blocks of XML tags back and forth between layout files and style.xml resources. It's the difference between the XML property android:layout_width="match_parent" and its tag counterpart, <item name="android:layout_width">match_parent</item>.

The property format is used in layout elements in the /res/layout/ directory.

The <item> tag format is used in /res/values/styles.xml and its version-numbered buddies such as styles-v21.xml.

Here's a conversion utility.

To use it, open up the file and replace the value in the triple """ quotes of the input variable with a block of your favorite XML properties (or tags).

$ vim

If you give it a block of properties of the android:tag_name kind, it'll print it back in <item> tag format. If you give it a block of <item> tags, you'll get a block of android:tag_name properties.

Then, to run it:

$ chmod +x
$ ./