I'm a mobile software developer. Making something happen with the help of my phone is so satisfying that I love to build those experiences for myself and others. I work with product managers and other user-experience folks to bring just the right pixels to life, keeping customers enthusiastically engaged.


As mobile developers, our job is to make our product the perfect tool for the user's task.

Each person on a team brings their own experiences as well as their coding, design, and organizational contributions. Each person's experiences offer insight toward great results.

The big mobile operating system makers have worked hard to create conventions and great examples of user experiences that just click. But they can't instruct us on every detail when we're building something brand-new.

I like to share platform knowledge and recommendations that can help shape novel ideas into indispensable tools. Subtly building on users' knowledge can make things easy without any explanation required.

Team leadership

I've served as a team lead for small teams of remote mobile developers. I've successfully proposed and coordinated implementing scrum-based strategies for releases. Pair programming and collaborative reviews lead to good stuff. So does sharing and refining ideas.

Software development

I specialize in developing Android apps with Kotlin. and iOS apps with Swift. In addition to web-service wrappers, I've built apps with a Bluetooth LE connection and the Android media codec. I've set up, maintained, and helped folks learn how to use continuous integration tools for teams: Jenkins, CircleCI.

And I obey the testing goat, driving development with JUnit and Espresso, though it sometimes makes me late for supper.


  • Software architecture, functional and object-oriented software, Android apps
  • Google Play Developer Console & Firebase tooling
  • Material Design implementations
  • Kotlin, Java, Python, Swift, Objective C
  • Unit testing, automated UI testing
  • Single-page web application development with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Flask & Django
  • Project management, release management, team development
  • English (native speaker) and Spanish (fluent)